Like a telephone cable, the ulnar nerve is a connection between the spinal cord and muscles of the forearm and hand as well as the skin on the pinkie side of the hand. The ulnar nerve passes across the back of the elbow, behind a bump on the inner side of the upper arm bone. This bump is called the medial epicondyle. The “funny bone” is actually the corner of the nerve as it makes the bend around the elbow. Hitting the elbow at this spot tickles the nerve and gives a brief feeling of a shock. When the elbow is bent, the nerve may be stretched and push against the bony bump, causing pain.

How does this CUBITAL TUNNEL SPLINT relieve the symptoms?


The angle of the stainless steel stay, keeps the joint from the flexion that causes entrapment of the ulnar nerve. The joint is relaxed at approximately 25 – 30 degrees and the splint is comfortable to wear.


Construction of splint:


The splint is knit of cotton and elastic, with 2 inches of Velcro all the way up the back, making it easy to fit with a little give. The stainless steel stay, makes it easy to hand wash and lay flat to dry. It may be worn day or night.




The splint comes in 6 sizes.

For proper fit, measure carefully the circumference of the forearm and upper arm 3 inches below

and 3 inches above the outside elbow point. The splint is designed to be 1 inch larger on the upper side.


Splint Ordering: (Forearm Measurements)

X Small 8 1/4 and under $60.00 Buy Now Large 11 – 12 $60.00 Buy Now
Small 8 1/4 – 9 1/2 $60.00 Buy Now X Large 12 1/4 – 13 1/4 $60.00 Buy Now
Medium 9 1/2 – 10 3/4 $60.00 Buy Now XX Large 13 1/2 – over $60.00 Buy Now

Splints may be exchanged or returned if unworn.  Call or email our offices for information.


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