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Effect of corticosteroid Injection, Physiotherapy, or Both on Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Unilateral Lateral Epicondylalgia – JAMA: February 6, 2013 Vol. 309, No. 5

Abstract: A 2 x 2 factorial, randomized, injection-blinded, placebo-controlled trial was conducted at a single university research center and 16 primary care settings in Brisbane, Australia. A total of 165 patients aged 18 years or older with unilateral lateral epicondylalgia of longer than 6 weeks’ duration were enrolled between July 2008 and 2010: 1 year follow up was completed in May 2011.

Conclusion: Among patients with chronic unilateral lateral epicondylalgia, the use of corticosteroid injection vs placebo injection resulted in worse clinical outcomes after 1 year, and physiotherapy did not result in any significant differences. Go there


CLINICAL SPORTS MEDICINE: 1991 W.B. Saunders Co. Grana & Kalenak

Tennis Elbow: A second orthosis for tennis elbow consists of an elastic sleeve that fits proximal and distal to the elbow and has medial and lateral metal elbow joints (Fig. 24-2). This orthosis also utilizes cross straps that limit complete extension of the elbow joint. The limitation of elbow extension, along with compression from the elastic sleeve, is effective in decreasing the symptoms of tennis elbow.


Treatment of Tennis Elbow – JAMA: January 10, 1966 Vol. 195, No 2

Abstract: 174 patients were studied, using conservative treatments, such as therapy, massage, hydrocortisone injections.

Conclusion: A brace that limits extension and forearm rotary motion and supports the elbow gave relief in 80% of cases in which other conservative methods of treatment had failed. Go there


NPR – Health News – February 6, 2013

For the elbow, cortisone shots may hurt more than help. Go there


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