About two years ago the pain of “tennis elbow” effectively prevented me from playing, until my son-in law was thoughtful enough to have you send me one of your braces. It was a real God-send because it enabled me to play without any resemblance of pain.  I have used this brace continuously since I acquired it. Between New York and Florida, where we spend the winters, we play 12 months of the year. Although I know I can play without it — which I have several times — I continue to wear it to insure no reoccurrence of tennis elbow.  Moreover, not only am I enjoying a pain-free game, but I honestly believe my playing has improved significantly because I am relaxed and can concentrate solely on the game and not be concerned about possible injury to my arm or elbow.  I want to tell you how pleased I am with this appliance. As a matter of fact, even though the original brace is still in perfect working order after two years of intensive use and repeated washings, I have ordered a second brace to be sure of the protection and comfort it affords. Incidentally, I like the newer brace. The wider Velcro closures fit me better and the appearance is truly handsome.  Many thanks for making this wondrous pain reliever and preventer available to us tennis addicts.

Saul Kolodny, Roslyn Heights, NY

I feel very lucky to have located you. Right now I’m looking at the ad I used to purchase your brace for my right arm over 15 years ago. The brace worked what I considered a small miracle. Not only have I used it for work, I’m a carpenter, but also for windsurfing off Marblehead. Thank you SWB.

Frank S Cappuccio

I tried a variety of different therapies to relieve my tennis elbow pain for over 4 years, including not playing tennis for a year. These treatments never lasted and they cost me thousands of dollars and lost months on the court. The New Elbow has allowed me to keep playing and has prevented a re-occurrence of my tennis elbow.

Ann Kuhns, RN – Manhatten Beach, CA

My patients and doctors think I’m wonderful because I’m successfully treating long term elbow problems. This brace has been the mainstay of my treatment program. Don’t ever stop making it!

Rebecca Cottrell – Concord, NC

Over the years I have had many braces for my elbow, some made to order. but none of them have been as comfortable and efficient as “The New Elbow”. I am very happy with this product.

Anne C. Volpe – Owings Mills, MD

The new elbow is the premier brace I use for acute/chronic humeral lateral epicond(tennis elbow).  The condition is really a tendinosis and only the New Elbow allows the extensor tendon to rest and heal.  The brace is user friendly and therefore patient compliance is not a problem.  While TE straps are useful, the New Elbow always gets results especially in long term and severe cases.

Joseph A. Homesley, D. C. – Oroville, CA



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